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About our VOSB Designation


Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) is a company diversity registration designated under the Veteran Benefits, Health Care, and Information Technology Act of 2006 (Public Law 109-461). Registration ensures that companies qualify for preferential procurement for federal contracts if they are owned and controlled by Veterans.

This certification is non-industry specific and requires that the firm meets the small business requirements established by the Small Business Administration (SBA). Additionally, it requires that the company is at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by a veteran.

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The 5 Ds of Perimeter Security and Why They Matter

There are fences surrounding more properties than you can count in your community alone, strategically working in conjunction with various electronic security devices such as security cameras, motion-sensor lights, microwave detection beams, and a host of other advanced measures. However, have you ever stopped to consider why these security measures are present on some properties and not on others? What determines the precise location of the fence? And who exactly makes these crucial decisions and for what reasons?

Fortunately, security consultants have a key principle that they rigorously adhere to in order to address these very questions – the concept of the 5 Ds. These 5 Ds serve as the foundation for designing and implementing effective perimeter security measures that safeguard properties and ensure the utmost protection.


Curious to learn more about these vital principles? Look no further than Eric Moreau, an expert in security consultation. In an insightful clip from his on-demand webinar, Eric expertly lays out the 5 Ds, unraveling the mysteries behind the placement and selection of security measures. With his vast knowledge and experience, he sheds light on the decision-making process that goes into securing properties, opening the door to discussion about the intricate web of factors that determine the why, where, and how of fences and electronic security devices.


Remember, keeping maximum distance between bad actors and your valuable assets and personnel is crucial. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your understanding of this concept by tuning into our informative on-demand webinar. Access the entire on-demand webinar here >>








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